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Roosters Contend for Spots on National Team

4/28/2017?Since early 2016 the USAFL has been vetting players across the country in preparation of the 2017 International Cup. At the National Tournament in Sarasota, FL last October, top men and women were announced as contenders for the Men's USA Revolution and Women's USA Freedom squads. After an intensive conditioning program this winter the finalists will meet in Dallas, Texas to vy for their spots on the USA teams.

Only 25 players for each team will travel to Australia to represent the Red, White, and Blue in August as we face teams from Europe, Afica, Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific. Selection for the USA travelings teams' rosters will be announced this Sunday, April 30th. ?As three of our own prepare to head to Dallas, former Club President Sean "Chicco" Chicoine visited with them about their love of the game. Read on!

Ben "Judgey" Judge
Ben Judge joined the Roosters in 2009 and played with the USA Revolution in 2015 at the 49th Parallel Cup (USA vs. Canada). He's won Best and Fairest, Clubman of the Year and helped the Roosters secure our 2012 Men's D4 National Championship.

Chicco: What is the appeal of Australian Football?
Ben:Anyone, regardless of body type or size, can be a contributor on the field, an asset to the team. You don’t have to be a 250 pound linebacker to play this game. 
[There are many misconceptions to those unfamiliar with the game of Australian football. It is not the head to head rugby style play that most assume. The movement is more akin to soccer. Its a game of keep away.]
Chicco: Why do you play? 
For me the appeal is the friendships made with teammates and their families. I love the travel and making memories with my mates. Most of my closest friends are club members. We hang out a lot. 
What does it take to succeed in this sport? 
Persistence! Its a new sport to everyone. It takes time and patience. Everyone is working on improving their game. Everyone: “Run, run, run . . . just gut it out”

Caleb Dougherty
Caleb lives in Kansas City, KS and started playing in 2008. He played for the Kansas City Power until 2015 and joined the Roosters last year. He played with the USA Revolution in 2011, 2013, and 2015-2016. In 2013 and 2015 he played on the USA Revolution at the 49th Parallel Cup and in 2014 at the AFL International Tournament. While Caleb
Chicco: What draws you to the game?
Caleb: I absolutely love the physicality and fitness the game demands. Enjoy the camaraderie with my mates and the life-long relationships that have developed.
Chicco: What advice do you have for someone wanting to succeed in this sport?
Caleb: Stick with it! Listen to the senior guys. Keep working with it to develop skills and embrace the passion for the game. Its intoxicating. 

While Caleb lives in Kansas City, he is is a devoted clubman for for Des Moines Roosters. He has family and friends in Iowa and feels at home while visiting. He is well regarded among the club members and within the USAFL community. "I am proud to be wearing the Rooster Guernsey and am continually amazed at the level of play Des Moines has achieved and the support the Club offers its members. Its organized." While boasting his teams many talents and successes, he remains hopeful that his home city and club regains the level of growth and development once experienced as a National Championship team and one time USAFL Nationals Tournament host city. He tells us is he always up for a ‘kick’ and anyone interested in learning the game can reach out to him in his area.

Hamilton "Hammy" May
Hamilton is from Greensboro, NC and has played with the Roosters since he moved to Des Moines in 2012. Hamilton has been on the coaching staff since 2014. He helped the Roosters acheive their 2012 D4 National Championship and played on the USA Revo at the 49th Parallel Cup in 2015. He's won Best & Fairest and Rookie of the Year. In 2013 Hamilton spent six months in Australia playing with the FInley Cats!
Chicco: What is the appeal of Australian Football? Why do you play?
Hamilton: The sport is strategic and elegant like soccer, but also physical and intense like any full contact sport. It has the best of every sport. Football, basketball, soccer, world series of poker and nascar. 
Chicco: What advice do you have for someone wanting to succeed in this sport? 
Hamilton: Maintain a healthy work ethic, training, and tenacity on the field. 
Chicco: Why do you play? 
Hamilton: Camaraderie, friendships, and the experience of belonging to a team. 
Chicco: You spent some time in Australia playing the game. Is is true what they say about the water circling the toilet bowl in the opposite direction? 
Hamilton: Yes, that is true.

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